Health Issues and Cancer

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  • Health Issues and Cancer
    • Health is the state of physical and mental wellbeing
    • Factors on health include
      • Diet
      • Stress
      • Life situations
    • Different diseases can interact
      • Defects in the immune system means people are more likely to get infectious diseases
      • Viruses living in cells can trigger some cancers
      • Immune system reactions caused by a pathogen can trigger allergies
      • Severe ill health can lead to depression
    • Lifestyle factors
      • Smoking has been proven to cause cardiovascular disease, lung diseased lung cancer
        • Damages the walls of arteries and cells in the lining of the lungs
      • Obesity
        • Can cause type 2 diabetes
          • It makes the body less sensitive or resistant to insulin
      • Alcohol
        • Can cause liver disease
        • Can damage nerve cells in the brain causing it to lose volume
      • Smoking and alcohol can cause health problems for the unborn baby.
      • Carcinogens can be risk factors for cancers
    • Non-communicable diseases can be costly
      • Tens of millions people worldwide die from these diseases.
      • They also cost a lot of money to the NHS
        • In researching diseases and treatments
      • They  can cost families money as it could reduce the income.
      • If less people work it can affect the countries economy.
    • Cancer
      • Cancer is due to the uncontrolled growth and divisions and cells
      • Benign tumours
        • Growth of cells usually contained within one area
        • Don't invade other parts of the body.
      • Malignant tumours
        • CANCERS
        • Invade neighbouring tissues and spread to other parts of the body.
          • Forming secondary tumours
        • Spread in the blood when cells break off the tumour


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