Health, disease, immune responses

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  • health, disease and immune responses
    • health
      • a s tate of pyhsical, mental and social well being which includes absence of disease and infirmities
    • disease
      • infectious disease is passed between individuals.
      • pathogen is an organism that can cuase disease
      • a parastie is an organism that lives in or on another organism taking nutrients from the host and causing damage
      • a non-infectious disease caused by genteic defects, nutritional deficiencies, lifestlye and environment
      • accute disease: symptoms appear rapidly, cause problems fro short periods of time, Eg Common cold
      • chronic disease symptoms appear slowly and get progressively worse and cause problems for long periods of time Eg Diabetes
    • primary immune responses
      • show symptoms of the disease
      • when the pathogen enters the boody for the very first time
      • response is slow because arent many Placma B lymphocytes that can make the correct antibody
      • antigen is foreign
    • exposure to pathogen
      • B and T lymphocytes produce memiry cells, they remeber the specific antibody for the antigen
      • this person is immune until the memory cells die and are no longer in the blood stream
    • secondary immune response
      • if pathogen renters blood stream, response will be quicker and stronger
      • the memory B and T cells divide specialise to create specific antibody for antigen
      • Memory cells have limited life span


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