Health & Social Care Health Promotion

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  • Health & Social Care Health Promotion
    • Biomedical approach
      • takes medical action to improve health
        • operations
        • Smear tests
        • free contraceptive
      • often supported by laws
      • Weaknesses
        • access to the clinic
        • Might not understand the reasons why
        • unaware of treatments that are on offer
        • people may be afraid of treatment
        • may treat the problem but not be the root causes
      • Strengths
        • work on the majority
        • many are happy to have tests
        • can prevent health problems
        • public have faith in science
        • herd immunity
    • Educational/ behavioural approach
      • Increases awareness
        • Binge drinking risks
        • Bullying
        • Symptoms of illness
      • Weaknesses
        • may not reach everyone (TV campaign)
        • Some people too young to understand
        • People may not be interested
        • People may be in denial/ not want to change
        • People may feel positives outweigh the negatives
      • Strengths
        • lots of strategies to support people
        • campaigns are able to reach a lot of people
        • targeted at a specific group of people
        • provides information for those who want to make a decision
        • becomes 'common sense'
      • Provides people with methods to improve health
    • Societal Approach
      • improves health through laws and restrictions
        • Anti-smoking laws
        • Age of consent
        • targets for doctors
      • Strengths
        • morally wrong
        • scared of the punishments
        • the strategies can be enforced through the laws
        • hard to miss changes in the laws
        • people are more likely to listen and take laws seriously
      • Weaknesses
        • serveral years to come into effects
        • People may rebel
        • difficult to enforce
        • doesn't stop it all together
        • Laws are already being broken


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