health and safety at work act 1974

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  • health and safety at work act 1974
    • protects anyone who has a job
    • impact on the service providers is health and safety policies and procedures have been produced. they also have to provide training for staff on how to use a hoist. risk assessments have to be filled out and protective clothing must be worn provided free of charge
    • impacts on the care provider is informs the practitioner of their individual responsibilities for keeping themselves and other safe, attending H&S training wearing protective clothing and reporting damaged equipment
    • impact on people who use the services, this will ensure the building is safe for the staff and the clients as well
    • key aspects
      • employers
      • the work placement is safe
      • equipment has to be working safe and in good working order
      • must be enough health and safety training for staff
      • protective equipment must be free of charge
      • must follow health and safety
      • must report any hazards to the employer
      • not misuse or tampered equipment for health and safety


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