ICT Health and Safety

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  • Health and safety
    • Software should be designed to minimise health risks by having:
      • Clear screen layouts
      • Readable text
      • Help facilities and error messages
      • Keyboard short cuts
      • No annoying sounds or flashing images
    • Regular use of ICT over a long period of time can lead to health issues such as:
      • Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
        • RSI occurs when users are carrying out repetitive tasks.
        • Use wrist rests
        • take regular breaks
        • Using ergonomically designed keyboards and mice
      • Eye strain
        • Having suitable lighting
        • Using screen filters to prevent glare
        • Taking regular breaks
      • Back and neck strain
        • Having a five point ergonomically designed adjustable swivel chair
        • Using a foot rest
        • Taking regular breaks
      • Stress
        • Slow performance, spam,scams, too much email, pop up adds, virus and loss of files
          • Try not to save money when purchasing equipment
          • Choosing well deigned software
          • Saving and backing up work regularly
          • using spam filters, anti virius and malware software


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