Health and Disease

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  • Health and Disease
    • Interactions of Disease
      • Problems with immune system means there is an increased chance of suffering from communicable diseases because the body is less likely to defend itself against the pathogen
      • Some cancers are triggered by infection from certain viruses - hepatitis virus can cause long-term infection in liver - increased chance of liver cancer
        • HPV (human papilloma virus) can cause cervical cancer
      • Immune system reactions to pathogens can trigger allergic reactions - skin rashes and worse symptoms of asthma
      • Depression can be triggered when someone is suffering from severe physical health problems - especially if the person's ability to carry out everyday task is restricted or if life expectancy is impacted
    • Factors that Affect Health
      • Diet - if you don't have a good, balanced diet, your body won't receive the right amount of nutrients - impact physical and mental health
      • Constant stress can impact health
      • Life situation - easy access to medication to treat illness - access to things that prevent illness - healthy food - contraception
    • Non-communicable Diseases
      • Human Cost
        • Tens of millions of people die from these diseases
        • People may have a lower quality of life or a shorter lifespan - affects sufferers and loved ones
      • Financial Cost
        • Reduction in people who are able o work will impact economy
          • Researching and treating these diseases costs a lot for organisations around the world
        • Families may have to move or adapt their home to help someone with the disease - if the person has to give up work or dies, the family income will be reduced
    • Disease
      • Health - state of physical and mental wellbeing - Diseases are often responsible for causing ill health
      • Communicable diseases - spread between people and animals - caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi - contagious and infectious - measles and malaria
      • Non-communicable diseases - can't be spread between people or animals - last for a long time and get worse slowly - asthma, cancer and CHD


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