Geography Headlands and Bays 10.5

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  • Headlands and bays
    • Durlston Headland characteristics
      • Headland:Cliff that juts out into sea so it is surrounded by water
      • Portland limestone
      • Near vertical cliff face
      • High energy area affected by destructive waves
      • Hard rock jutting out into the sea
      • Caves forming in its sides
      • Stacks and stumps
      • Land rising steeply behind the cliff
    • Bay characteristics
      • Bay:crescent shaped indentation found between 2 headlands
      • Soft rock such as sand and clay forming a crescent-shaped beach
      • Low energy constructive waves
      • More sand accumulating in the down drift in the north section due to longshore drift
      • Two headlands marking the edges of the bay
    • Formation (see diagrams in folder)


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