Art mindmap for headdress

Mindmap ideas for art headress breif.

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  • Headdress
    • Covering identitiy
      • Masks or hoodies
        • Animal masks also representing animal spirit or showing moods as animals
        • Animal hoodies maybe representing animal spirits
        • Masks for balls ect. could be for covering identity.
        • Often people can put on a smile when they really want to cry so it is like a mask.
    • Fashion
      • Bandana
      • Hair, could possibly wear a headband
    • Warmth
      • Beanies
      • Woolly hats
      • scarfs
    • Protection
      • Builders hat
      • riding hat
      • googles
      • bike helmet
      • Motor bike helmet
    • Culture
      • Native american
      • Egyptian
    • Religion
      • Turban
      • nuns hoddies


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