Why was a Political Consensus set up?

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  • Why was a Political Consensus set up?
    • The experience of the Second World War
      • To avoid unemployment, equality and everyone pursuing collective goals. The state began to take over the economy to make sure enough food, not privatise business. Thought this should continue after the war as it worked
    • The legacy of attlee's Labour government
      • Keynesianism
        • To never again have unemployment, lower interest rates.Extremely popular and led Conservatives to accept a 'mixed economy' as Churchill noted in general election
      • NHS
        • Medical treatment was free at the point of delivery -- incredibly popular
      • The National Insurance Act 1946
        • Set up modern Welfare State which prevented families falling below the poverty line. This includes family allowances and council houses
    • The Great Depression of the 1930s
      • This created mass unemployment, demoralisation and poverty (53% of young children were below the poverty line). Labour's slogan was 'Never Again!'
    • The Beveridge Report 1942. 1943-88% showed they wanted this
      • "Get the job done, come home alive to a better country" - NHS, family allowances, full employment.




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