Unit 1 World At Risk: Hazards in a Local Area (London)

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  • Hazards in a Local Area: London
    • Flood Risk
      • 1953 Storm Surge: caused by major storm surge which concurred with natural high spring tide
      • Capacity to Cope: Built on River Thames (flood plain), 1953 flood led to Thames barrier-> protects city/financial district (Canary Wharf)
      • Flooding is likely to increase due to sea level rise
    • Heatwave: C/S 2003 European heatwave
      • Formed by high pressure, sinking air warms and compresses, wings moving clockwise trap warm air=stable and clear leading to hot weather in summer
      • Temp reached 40 degrees in August.
      • Old people & young children most vulnerable- 2139 deaths.
      • 35,000 deaths in Europe (heat stroke, dehydration), droughts, low water levels.
    • Snow- 2009
      • Heavy snowfall due to cold winds from Russia meeting warm air from Atlantic Ocean-> water froze and created snow
      • Temps dropped to -6 degrees.
      • Capacity to Cope- 6,000 schools cloes, led to flooding, roads cloesd, railway swervices reduced, few deaths incl 16 year old girl & 6 year old boy
    • Tornado- 2006
      • 100mph twister lasted 10 seconds but damaged over 100 houses, people left homeless
      • 6 people injured, damages estimated at £100 million
      • Several hundred people displaced from homes until declared safe for occupants to return,


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