hazards of the Californian coast.

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  • Hazards of the Californian coast.Disaster hotspot and neighbour of el nino (southern oscillation)
    • Background info on the Californian coast. Population: 39.25 million Minimum wage:10.50 an hour
    • Hazard 1. Earthquakes
      • Causes
        • A network of active faults (e.g san andreas fault) underlies the Los angleses region and the san francisco bay area (e.g hayward faults)
      • Impacts
        • The soft basin sediments in Los Angeles lead to rapid shaking. Five major earthquakes were recorded in the last 100 years. The San Francisco bay area has experienced several large earthquakes.
    • Hazard 2. wildfires....... bushfires
      • Causes
        • As Los angles-es expands into rural areas, wildfires are  a major hazard, especially during the dry santa anta periods
      • Impacts
        • Likely to be an increasing hazard as people move out to the hills on the fringe of LA and SF
    • Hazard 3. Landslides and Mudslides
      • Causes
        • Landslides take place in heavy winter rainstorm, where hillsides have being burnt by wildfire and eroded. Also at risk is along the coast near Malibu and Santa Monica.
      • Impacts
        • A growing risk as climate becomes move unpreicatble in all coastal areas.


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