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  • Types of Hazards
    • Environmental
      • worn or damaged equipment, furniture and flooring can cause slip and trip hazards.
    • Biological
      • Medical or other waste products not being disposed of following correct procedures can result in the spread of infection and disease
    • Chemical
      • Cleaning materials - incorrectly stored or used can cause serious physical harm
    • Psychological
      • Stress and fitigue - due to long working hours, coping with challenging behaviour, violence, abuse from service users.
    • Physical
      • Excessive loud noise at work can cause deafness or other ear conditions
    • Musculoskeletal
      • Manual Handling of equipment, patients and residents can cause back or muscle injuries if not carried out correctly following procedures
    • Working Conditions
      • Temperature - workplace too hot or cold can cause dehydration and exacerbate conditions such as asthma
      • Noise levels too high can have long term affects on hearing
      • Travel - long distances, traffic, being away from home often causes stress, tiredness
    • Working Practices
      • Excessive working hours result in tiredness or lack of concentration, leading to mistakes and accidents
    • Lack of security systems
      • Door locks, alarm systems and monitoring of visitors all prevent unauthorized access by strangers who may pose a threat of harm to individuals in care environments


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