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  • Example of Earthquakes
    • L'Aquila, Italy, 6th April, 2009
      • Primary Effects
        • 300 deaths
        • 1,500 people injured
        • Tens of thousands of buildings damaged or destroyed
        • Over 60,000 people were made homeless
      • Secondary Effects
        • Aftershock hampered rescue efforts and caused more damage
        • Fires in some collapsed buildings caused more damage
        • The broken water pipe near the town of Pagancia caused a landslide
        • Electricity and phone services were interrupted
      • Immediate Responses
        • Camps were set up for the Homeless
        • Ambulances, fire engines and the army were sent to rescue survivors
        • Money was provided by the government to pay rent, and gas and electricity bills
      • Long-Term Responses
        • New settlements were built
        • Most of the city was rebuilt
        • An investigation was set up to investigate why modern buildings weren't built to with stand earthquakes
    • Kashmir, Pakistan, 8th Ocotber, 2005
      • Primary Effects
        • 80,000 deaths
        • Tens of thousands of people were injured
        • Hundreds of thousands of buildings were destroyed
        • 3 million people were made homeless
      • Secondary Effects
        • Landslides buried buildings and people
        • Diarrhea and other diseases spread due to a lack of clean water
        • Freezing conditions caused more casualties
        • blockage of access roads due to the land slides
      • Immediate Responses
        • International aid was given
        • tents, blankets and medical supplies were distributed
        • Many people rescued by hand
      • Long-Term responses
        • 40,000 people from one destroyed tow have been relocated
        • Aid was given to rebuild schools and homes
        • people using government money to buy food


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