Hazardous Earth South East Asia Tsunami Case Study

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  • South East Asia Tsunami
    • 2004
    • Caused by earthquake
      • Subduction of Indo-Australian plate and Eurasian plate
      • Uplift of sea floor caused displacement of billions of tonnes of water setting in motion a tsunami wave
    • Over 250,000 deaths
      • In 14 different countries around the Indian ocean
    • Highest death toll in Sumatra
      • 130,000 killed
      • 30,000 missing
    • 500,000 made homeless
    • 80,000 homes destroyed
    • Caused diseases such as cholera and dysentary spread
      • Lack of clean water and sanitation
      • Refugee camps
      • Killed estimated 150,000 people
    • Short term
      • Bodies buried in mass graves to help stop spread of diseases
      • Over $7 billion was provided by governments and NGO's
      • 5 million people had to be relocated into temporary refugee camps
      • Took months to clear debris before rebuilding could start
    • Long term
      • The Indonesian government decided to relocate the people from refugee camps straight into new homes
      • A tsunami early warning system was installed in the Indian ocean costs $20 million


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