TECTONICS - Disaster Context (comparing disasters of places)

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  • Disaster Context (comparing disasters of places based on factors)
    • Haiti (HDI 0.48), a Developing Country
      • Port Au Prince earthquake, 2010 - 160,000 deaths. Decades of corrupt and ineffective government left Hatian people in poverty, living in slums and using ineffective water supplies.
        • Post-earthquake CHOLERA left 700,000 people affected and killed 9000 (due to poor sanitation).
    • China (HDI 0.73), an Emerging Country
      • Sichuan earthquake, 2008 - 69,000 deaths. IMMEDIATE RESPONSE WAS RAPID as the Beijing Olympics were nearing, so communist government mobilised the army as responders.
    • Japan, USA and Chile have:
      • insurance to allow recovery in the long term.
      • Government-run preparations such as Japan's DISASTER PREVENTION DAY on September 1st each year. Public education and response and evacuation.
      • monitoring of volcanoes and defences (tsunami walls)
      • Land-use zoning to regulate unsafe buildings and ensure they are not located in places of risk


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