Hazard Awareness

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  • Hazard Awareness
    • Static hazards
      • If traffic lights are out of order
      • Near school- flashing amber lights= children crossing- slow down
      • Where there is reduced visibility- pull forward slowly
      • May also be able to see in shop window reflections
      • Never block a junction
      • Lanes closed= cars cutting in-front, keep distance from vehicle infront
      • If you see a hazard on motorway briefly warn vehicles behind
    • Moving Hazards
      • Pedestrians= always be patient and wait for them to cross
      • Cyclists: may wobble or swerve, give them time at junctions/lights, before you turn left check for cyclists
      • Bus- pedestrians+school buses park anywhere
      • Bridges- high vehicles may need to use centre of road
      • Don't overtake if: turning left shortly, signs/road markings say you can't, when approaching a junction, when view ahead is blocked


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