Hawaii Case Study- Hotspots

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  • Hawaii Case Study- Hotspots
    • Volcanoes over a Hotspot
      • Active
      • Erupts frequently
      • Grows in height
      • Ropy and blocky lava on the surface
      • Large volumes of runny lave creating a wide and broad shaped mountain
    • Volcanoes moving away from a Hotspot
      • Regular source is less thus it only spits out bubbles of lave onto a small area
      • steep sided cones may erupt pyroclastic flows
      • Becomes smaller due to erosion
      • Violent eruptions
      • Splatter and ash cones
    • Background
      • They placed seisometers on land and sea around Hawaii
      • There was evidence of a volcano forming on the sea bed 200,000 years before it will appear above sea level
      • The Island chain was not in a straight line and curves in direction overall due to plate movement
      • In the south of Hawaii volcanoes where active as they where fed by the Hotspot
        • Yet in the north the volcanoes where extinct and disappearing slowly due to erosion
      • December 2009- Scientists stated  how volcanoes where formed in the middle of tectonic plates
      • The equipment then picked up movement of magma pushing through the Lithosphere




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