Hawaiian Islands Hotspots

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  • Hawaii
    • Volcanic activity
      • Pacific plate moving over hotspot 5-10cm each year
      • Active volcanoes nearest hotspot
      • Islands get older as you head more NW (which is also direction plate is moving in
      • Ni'ihau one of oldest-5.6 mill, one of youngest Hawaii 0.7 mill
      • Next Volcano forming is Lo'ihi which should appear approx 200,000 years
    • Basics
      • Chain of islands by America
      • Spread across 1,500 miles
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      • Most remote chain island in world + longest
    • Kilauea
      • Shield volcano producing slow viscous magma
      • 90% young lava flow, 10% only over 100 years
      • Hilina fault makes basalt


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