Harry Potter - Representation

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  • Harry Potter - Representation
    • Hermoine
      • Both accomplished and still popular
      • wrote hermoine to subvert stereotypes
        • she dosent end up with the hero she is never a fuction as harrys love interest
          • rons princess
      • true femenist
        • at a glance hermoine appears to stick strictly to the rules however she is constantly challenging the system
      • the boys rely on her knowledge
      • not positioned for the male gaze
    • Harry and ron are the most stereotypical privileged young effort who only put a c effort in school
      • Harry
        • typical hero
        • the chosen one the schools jock and likeable person
      • Ron
        • typical sidekick
        • comedic supportive always r there
      • each individual within the trio brings their own stregnths
    • places
      • locations all isolated, we dont return to the familiar hogwarts
      • the islation locations the trio stay in are ones that have sentimental value , we see were harrys parents were murdered
      • busy , hustle bustle lost in a crowd
    • events issues
      • voldermort keeping the race pure - nazi
      • ministy of magic - goverment portrayed badly
      • will harry and ron survive
      • the begining of the end for all the films
      • hogwarts is left to the death eaters





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