Harpo - Gender conformity

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  • Harpo - Challenge Gender Role
    • L80 - Harpo comforts his father after Celie leaves and Mr._ is all alone. Harpo and him bond over their wives leaving them. They both struggle to cope without a female influence. Without someone there to control, they are left emotionally fragile. "Harpo holding his daddy in his arms."
    • L17 - He had a close relationship with his mother & he is traumatized by her death, as he has nightmares about what happened to her. "He start to call, Mama, Mama."
    • L31 - Harpo helps out and enjoys spending time with the children. He assists with their needs. Harpo does not always leave the care of his children to Sofia. He is actively involved in their lives and seems to enjoy the fulfillment that they give him.  "[...] get her ready for a change."
    • L20 - Harpo cannot make Sofia 'mind' him and often gets beaten up by Sofia when he attempts to control her. He is not able to control his wife and this goes against the societal expectations of marriage which Mr._ clearly follows. Harpo cannot emotionally or physically assert his dominance. "whack him cross the eyes."
    • L29 - Harpo does actually love his wife and does not want to hurt her. Unlike the other marriages within the novel, their relationship was not arranged and they do have emotional attachments to each other. Love was not necessarily a common theme in marriages, as most people were only concerned with having children. Marriages were treated more like a business transaction. "You love Sofia."


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