Life in soil-B6 OCR

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  • Life in soil
      • Contains mineral particles of different sizes
        • sandy soil has larger particles than clay soil
      • loam contains
        • a mixture of clay and sand
        • a large amount of humus (decomposed animal and plant waste)
      • Humus content can be found using a bunsen burner
      • Air content can be found seeing how much water is needed to fill the air space
      • water content can be found by evaporating the water
      • Larger particles= higher air content and permeability
      • Larger amount of humus= holds more water and air
      • Humus in soil is important because it will
        • decompose to release minerals
        • increase the air content of the soil
      • Earthworms are important because they
        • bury organic material for decomposition by bacteria and fungi
        • aerate and drain the soil
        • mix up soil layers
        • neutralise acid soil
      • Aeration and draining by earthworms will allow organisms to respire aerobically
      • neutralising acid soils is important because otherwise plants cant grow
      • mixing up soil layers means dead material is decomposed
      • earthworms first understood by Charles Darwin


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