Music Keywords - Harmony

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  • Harmony
    • Pedal/drone
      • -A base harmony where the note is constant and has a harmony moving around that note.
    • Chromatic
      • -All notes in order.
    • Concord
      • -Chords and notes that sound in place.
    • Discord/ dissonance
      • -Chords that use clashing notes.
    • Imperfect
      • -A cadence that sounds unfinished. Uses the dominant chord.
      • Perfect
        • -A cadence that sounds as if the the music has finished. Uses the dominant chord of the scale.
    • Plagal
      • -A cadence that sounds like a 'amen'. Uses the subdominant
    • Modal
      • -Uses the notes in the scale in a different order.
    • Modulate
      • -Taking all the notes of a piece of music and moving them higher or lower. Key change.
    • Interrupted
      • -A cadence that sounds as if the piece of music is unfinished but uses any chord.


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