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  • Harmony
    • Basic terms
      • Consonant: Notes that sound good together
      • Dissonant: Notes that clash with each other
      • Diatonic: Music that uses only the current key
      • Chromatic: Music that contains notes that don't belong to the key
    • Cadences
      • Chord Progression used to end a musical phrase
      • 4 different Types of cadence:
        • Perfect : V-I Sounds strong and final
        • Imperfect: ends on chord V e.g I-V or ii-V sounds incomplete
        • Plagal: IV-I often used to sing Amen in church music
        • Interrupted: V-VI sounds like a surprise
    • Chords
      • Triad: a chord with 3 notes separated by a 3rd
      • A lowercase numeral means the chord is minor
      • Uppercase numerals means the chord is major
      • Most import chords:
        • Tonic (I)
        • Subdominant (IV)
        • Dominant (V)


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