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  • Harmonium
    • Personal Response
      • Why does the poet mention his fathers fingers and thumbs, and the organists feet? To show a comparison of age and also to show ordinary
      • What does the imagery in line 17 make you think? It is a lively image showing once that the harmonium was young and alive
      • What impact des the phrase 'too starved to breath' have on your reading of the poem? Rather disturbing thought, giving the poem a depressing sad feel.
      • Why do you think he wants the harmonium? Familiarity it brings back child hood memories which he doesn't want to see destroyed and it reminds him of his father who he doesn't want to go.
    • Feelings and attitudes
      • SADNESS- deals with the idea of death and the effects of time
      • HUMOUR- it is quite a bleak poem, but the narrator makes puns about the harmonium and the father jokes about his own death
      • SPEECHLESSNESS- the narrator feels awkward and has no response to talk of his fathers death.
    • About
      • The narrator and his father are picking up a harmonium that he's bought cheaply from the church. He reflects on how the passage of time has affected the instrument- and the years of service it has given to the church. His father is helping him and makes a joke about his death, which makes the narrator uncomfortable.
    • Comparison
      • To his coy mistress/ Quickdraw/ The Farmers Bride/ Nettles


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