Harmful Microorganisms-B6

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  • Harmful Micro-organisms
    • How microbes are spread-food, direct contact, airborne, water
    • Infectious disease-microbe enters the body
      • Incubation period- reproduce without causing symptoms
        • Microbes cause toxins to be produced
          • Toxins cause symptoms
    • Disease from natural disasters
      • Contaminated supplies-damage to sewer systems
      • Damage to electrical supplies, stop correct food storage-food decays
    • Antiseptics kill microbes, prevent entry (no effect on viruses)
      • Antibiotics- kill microbes once they have entered the body
    • Strains of bacteria develop resistance- spread by natural selection
      • Appears by mutation- patients must finish the course of medication so partially resistant bacteria are killed
        • Only prescribe antibiotics when necassary
    • Pasteur: microbes; Lister: antispetics


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