Hardy Weinberg

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  • Hardy Weinberg
    • p+q=1
      • p= The frequency of the dominant allele
      • q= The frequency of the recessive allele
    • p(squared)+2pq +q(squared)=1
      • q(squared)= The frequency of the homozygous recessive gentotype
      • p(squared)= The frequency of the homozygous dominant allele
    • Example
      • Predict Allele Frequency
        • A species of plant has either red or white flowers.
          • Allele R(red) allele is dominant and the allele r(white) is recessive.
            • If the frequency of R is 0.4, then the frequency of r= 1-0.4=0.6
      • Predict Genotype Frequency
        • If there are two alleles for flower colour (R and r), there are three possible genotypes- RR, Rr or rr.
          • If the frequency of genotype RR(p-squared) is 0.34 and the frequency of the genotype Rr (2pq) is 0.27.
            • The frequency of genotype rr (q-squared) must be 1-0.34-0.27=0.39


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