Hard engineering 

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  • Hard engineering
    • Three Gorges dam
      • outline
        • control flooding on Yangtze
        • improve water supply by regulating river  flow
          • generate HEP - vital for China's growth
      • Benefits
        • Produces HEP
          • Reliable water supply
      • Costs
        • 632 km sq of land has been flooding to form resivour
        • 1.3 million people have been re-located from 1500
        • Resivour water quality is low due to waste from industry
          • decomposing vegetation
        • expensive and controversial
    • Israel
      • outline
        • Desalinated plants provides a reliable and predicable supply of water
        • five plants opened by 2013, taking directly from Mediterranen sea
        • Aim to produce 70% of Israels domestic water supply by 2020
      • Benefits
        • provides up to 600 tonnes of portable water per hour
        • energy used is solar
      • costs
        • each plant requires own power station and adds CO2
        • produces vast amounts of slat brine containing anti scalnie atigens that harm ecosystems


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