Happy Loman

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  • Happy Loman
    • Young Happy
      • Lives in Biff's shadow/is disregarded by his dad
        • 'I'm losing weight, you notice Pop?'
      • Seems to have grown more confident as he got older
        • 'I think I got less bashful'
    • First impressions
      • Extremely shallow, more so than Willy
        • He is just after good times and women, not family
          • 'But take those two tonight Biff, weren't they gorgeous creatures?'
      • Enjoys instant gratification
        • 'And I still take it, and I love it!'
        • Oblivious to the consequences of his actions
        • Similar to Willy encouraging Biff's theft
    • The embodiment of the worst aspects of Willy
      • Delusional
        • The Requiem
          • Determined to live out his father's dreams
            • 'I'm gonna win it for him'
      • The need to prove yourself to others
        • His self worth is based of what others think of him
        • 'I gotta show some of those pompous, self important executives over there that Hap Loman can make the grade'
      • Self deceiving
        • It is Happy who comes up with the 'Loman Line' sporting goods idea
          • He plans to put on a 'couple of expeditions'
            • He deceives himself with his wishful thinking
        • Happy's false optimism is so strong that Willy gets caught up with the hype
      • Lying
        • Both Willy and Happy accept lying as normal
        • He tells Biff to tell Willy that Oliver is 'thinking it over'
        • Happy accepts lying as even virtuous, as long as it serves a need
        • He lies that Biff plays for the 'New York Giants'
    • Betrayal
      • In Act 2 Happy betrays Willy
        • 'No that's not my father, thats just a guy'
        • Similar to how Willy betrays his family with his affair
      • Religious imagery
        • Links to Peter denying Jesus three times


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