H&S - Economic factors

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  • Economic Factors (related to money)
    • Impacts of low income
      • Ability to pay bills
      • Ill health
      • Reduced opportunities
      • Poverty trap
      • Social exclusion
      • Premature death
      • Poor eating habits
    • Types of poverty
      • Absolute
        • Lack of income meaning not being able to afford: clothing, food, housing, bills
      • Relative
        • People who can afford basic resources but not much else
    • Social impacts of having low income
      • Poverty trap
      • Discrimination (marginalisation)
      • Gang culture
      • Social exclusion
      • Poor self confidence and esteem
    • Who is likely to be on low income?
      • sick/disabled  people
      • unemployed people
      • families w/ single earners
      • unskilled couples
        • one of the couples works and in an unskilled employment
      • lone-parent families
    • Access to cheap, long storage food rather than fresh produce is harmful
      • processed food can cause long term risks with deficiency in fibre, calcium, iron + vitamins
    • Employment status
      • Whether a person is employed or not
        • Manual/non-manual + part/full time + future prospects
      • Manual workers
        • Physical jobs done by people, usually poor paid as it does not require high qualifications
      • Non-manual workers
        • job requires use of their  their mind rather than hands or physical strength
          • often higher paid, requiring academia
    • income mainly comes from
      • money raised through sale or rent of property you own
      • benefits from government
      • wages from employment
      • money from invested wealth (e.g bank accounts or bonds)
      • profits from self-employed busniesses


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