Handmaid's Tale Context: Feminism

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  • There are three types of Feminism:
    • Handmaids Tale Context: Feminism
      • Waves of Feminism:
        • 1st Wave
          • The Suffragettes were founded in 1867 to fight against legal obstacles of equality (e.g voting rights.
          • Women were allowed to vote in 1928
          • In 1923, women were allowed to divorce
        • 2nd Wave
          • Female Ford workers strike for equal pay (1968) and reproductive rights (Abortion and contraception made legal in some cases in 1976.)There was also the Equal Pay Act of 1976.
          • Atwood wrote Handmaid's Tale in order to remind woman not to become complacent in their plight for equality
          • The aunts take some of the aims of 1984 feminism, like anti-**** campaign and greater safety from sexual assault and twisting them to use for their own advantage
            • This is an abuse of their power and links to dystopian conventions
        • 3rd Wave
          • Began in the 90s- a bigger focus put on the differences between woman e.g women of colour/LGBT women.
          • In 1994 **** within marriage was made illegal.
          • In 1999 it was made illegal to discriminate against transgender people.
          • In 2002, LGBT couples were allowed to adopt.
          • In 2013, same-sex marriage was allowed.
      • How can you tell if a text is feminist?
        • One way is by using the Bechdel Test (1985):
          • The test asks whether a work of fiction features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man
            • The requirement that the two women must be named is sometimes added.
          • Films that failed the Bechedel Test:
            • The Avengers
            • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
            • The entire LOTR Trilogy
      • How feminism began to influence literature:
        • Started by responding to traditional ideas about women in education and literature
        • Moved on to promoting female writers such as George Elliot (18919-1880)
        • People began to think critically about literature and the way that men dominated the majority of stories
      • "Take Back the Night," 1970s-Present Day.
        • Women angry at how common it was for them to be attacked during the night.
          • They wished to regain this time as a time when they were able to feel safe.
        • Early Take Back the Night events include a protest in San Francisco against *********** in 1978
        • The first rally took place in Philadelphia
    • Radical Feminism
    • Liberal Feminism
    • Marksist Feminism


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