Handel ~ And the Glory of the Lord from Messiah 1742.

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  • Handel ~ And the Glory of the Lord from Messiah 1742.
    • Structure
      • Recitatives, arias and choruses.
      • Fourth movement of the whole work, is the first chorus.
      • Opening instrumental overture, two solo movements.
      • 4 motifs.
        • 'And the glory of the Lord'
        • 'Shall be revelaed'
        • 'And all flesh shall see it together'
        • 'For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it'
    • Texture
      • Monophonic in bars 11-13
      • Homophonic in bars 33-38
      • Doubling of parts in bars 51-
      • Simple imitation in bars 17-
      • Two ideas together in bars 110-113
      • Vocal parts doubled by instruments
    • Melody
      • Idea 1 ~ first three notes outline a triad, words are syllabic. (1 note per syllable)
      • Idea 2 ~ two one-bar descending sequences and is melismatic (several notes to a syllable)
      • Idea 3 ~ three statements of the descending fourth idea.
      • Idea 4 ~ long dotted minims. Emphasise the conviction 'The Lord hath spoken it'.
    • Dynamics
      • Use of terrassed dynamics
      • Allegro tempos, sounds joyful.
      • At the end slow 'Adagio'.
      • The only dynamics are f and p.
    • Tonality and harmony
      • Major key throughout, begins and ends in tonic of A major.
      • Three beat rest in all voice parts, leads to plagal cadence at end HOMOPHONIC.
      • Diatonic, using mostly root position and first inversion chords.
      • Suspensions (tied notes which don't belong to the chord) add some dissonance and melodic decoration.


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