(Hamlet) Gertrude

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  • Gertrude
    • As a sinner
      • 'unweeded garden'
        • Alludes to the Garden of Eden (corruption of paradise)
          • Hyppolyte Taine: 'the story of moral poisoning'
        • Claudius described as a 'serpent' (damned mankind)
        • 'incestuous sheets'
          • Sinister sibilance creates a perverse effect
            • Also suggests a secretive affair-like relationship (underlying corruption)
            • Leviticus (rules on incest could determine who was able to inherit property or even become king)
        • Women are associated with weeds (Eve at the apple/ temptation)
      • 'blurs the grace and blush of modesty'
    • As ignorant
      • 'frailty thy name is woman'
        • 'a breeder of sinners'
          • She inadvertently contributes to the corruption of society
          • Hamlet believes all women have the potential for sin
            • Biological Determinism
        • In a revenge tragedy, woman begin strong and end weak
      • 'weedy trophies...mermaid-like'
        • Women are associated with weeds (Eve at the apple/ temptation)
        • Oxymoron (suicide is glorified as an upperclassman lady)
          • Suicide was seen as a sin (life was not your own, but belonged to God)
        • 'wear your rue with a difference'
          • Another word for regret (incestuous relationship)
          • Flowers often symbolise female sexuality OR innocence
            • Hamlet blames women for the corruption of society
            • Bloom: 'a woman of exuberant sexuality, who inspires uxurious passion'
        • Mermaids seen as sinister creatures who lured sailors to their deaths
      • 'Have you eyes?'
        • Theme of body parts (windows to the soul)
          • 'Thou turn'st my eyes into my very soul'/'black and grained spots'
            • Red dye which cannot be washed out (partly responsible for bloodshed)
              • Spread of corruption
              • Wealthy imagery (scarlet dye)
            • 'nasty sty'
              • Eye illness (corrupted vision)


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