Hamlet - Critics

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  • Hamlet Critics by theme
    • Ophelia
      • Smith: 'Trained his daughter to be obedient and chaste'
      • Showalter: 'Ophelia is deprived of thought, sexuality and language'
    • Corruption
      • Dollimore: 'Articulates a crisis in the decay of a traditional social order in England'
      • Spurgeon: 'images of sickness and disease...as descriptive of the unwholesome condition of Denmark morally'
    • Morals
      • Belsey: 'Revenge is always in excess of justice'
      • Knight: 'Claudius, as he appears in the play,  is not a criminal'
      • Goethe: 'Most moral nature...sinks beneath a burden which it cannot bear'
    • Religion
      • Goethe: 'All duties seem holy for Hamlet'
      • Bradley: 'Hamlet is unable to carry out the sacred duty'


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