Hamlet - Act 1 Scene 2 (Quotes and Analysis)

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  • Hamlet - Act 1 Scene 2
    • "our dear brother's death"
      • Insincerity from Claudius towards his very own brother
    • "(Aside) A little more than kin, and less than kind"
      • Hamlet is portrayed in a negative light
    • "impious stubbornness, 'tis unmanly grief"
      • Emasculating speech
    • "to reason most absurd "
      • The fault of obsessive grief is absurd when considered in the light of reason
    • "retrograde to our desire"
      • Contrary to our wishes
    • "go not to Wittenberg"
      • Diminishing, direct and urgent
        • Gertrude holds love and maternal fear
    • "Thaw and resolve itself into a dew"
      • Suicide against God
    • "That it should come to this! But two months dead - nay not so much, not two"
      • Hamlet is reminiscing  on his parents love
    • "O God, a beast that wants discource of reason would have mourned longer - married with my uncle"
      • Hamlet questions why Gertrude would possibly marry someone else, especially so soon after his fathers passing
    • Horatio: "My lord, I came to see your father's funeral" Hamlet: "I pray thee do not mock me fellow student, I think it was to see my mother's wedding"
      • Playful tone with a subtle undertone of seriousness
    • "What, looked he frowningly?"
      • Sceptical of his father's death and the cause of it
    • "If it assume my noble father's person, I'll speak to it though hell itself should gape and bid me hold my peace. I pray you all"
      • At the time attempting to speak to an evil spirit could damn his soul


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