Halliday's taxonomy of purpose

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  • Halliday's taxonomy of purpose
    • Instrumental
      • When a  child uses language to express their needs. ("Want hat!")
    • Regulatory
      • When a child uses language to tell others what to do ("Give me car!")
    • Interactional
      • When language is used to make contact and form relationships.("Ello, I'm Gemma")
    • Personal
      • The use of language to express feelings, opinions and individual identities. ("Me happy")
    • Heuristic
      • To gain knowledge of the environment ("Is that flower?")
    • Imaginative
      • When language is used to tell stories and jokes. ("Look mummy, poo!")
    • Representation-al
      • Using language to convey facts and information. ("I eated it all")


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