Halliday (1975) Functions of early language

brief mindmap of seven functions of early language with example

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  • Halliday (1975)
    • early language of children has seven functions
      • Instrumental
        • to get something
          • e.g 'go toily' to go to the toilet
      • regulatory
        • make requests or give orders
          • e.g 'not your teddy' meaning leave the teddy alone
      • Interactional
        • to relate to others
          • e.g 'nice mummy'
      • Personal
        • to convey a sense of personal identity - express views and feelings
          • e.g. naughty doggy
      • Heuristic
        • to find out about the immediate environment
          • e.g. 'what boy doing?'
      • Imaginative
        • to be creative through language that relates to imaginative play, storytelling, rhymes and humour
          • e.g. 'one day my daddy came home and he said...'
      • Representational
        • to convey information
          • e.g. 'i'm three'


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