Halidays Taxonomy

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  • Halidays Taxonomy
    • Instrumental
      • The instrumental function is used to fulfil a speakers need.
      • An instrumental utterance usually starts with 'I want..' and is directly concerned with obtaining things like food, drink, comfort.
    • Regulatory
      • This function is used to influence the behaviour of others and encourage them to do certain actions.
      • Regulatory is used to persuade/ command/ request other people to do things. Eg. 'daddy push' (child on swing)
    • Interactional
      • Used to develop social relationships and ease interaction
      • This includes things like phatic talk that allow us to form relationships with others
    • Personal
      • This is used to express personal viewpoints and gives the speaker an identity
      • expresses feelings and attitudes
    • Informative/ Representational
      • Used to communicate information and request information from others
      • An example of this is a child telling another child that they have a new doll .
    • Heuristic
      • Used to learn and explore the environment.
      • This could be the kind of running commentary that accompanies child play
    • Imaginative
      • Used to explore the imagination.
      • When children tell stories and may also accompany play when children make up situations


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