Haiti's Earthquake

The cause of the event

the impacts of it :




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  • Haiti's Earthquake
    • Cause of this natural event
      • Located in the Caribbean, western one-third of the island Hispaniola
        • The Caribbean and North American plates slide past one another in an east-west direction.
          • Known as the Slip-slip boundary
          • The quake is called the Enriquillo -Plantain Garden fault.
      • The Epicentre of the Quake was only ten miles southwest of the capitial, below the Earth's surface.
    • What were the Impacts
      • Social impacts
        • people would die. homes be destroyed and transport and communication links lost
        • jobs and bussiness lost, suppiles and sanitation as priorites
        • A lot people would be displaced or homeless
        • rubble will block some vital access roads.
      • Ecomomical impacs
        • Many countries would respond by providing aid, resue medical teams and support personnel
        • The EU gave $3500 million and the World bank wavied the countries dept for 5 years.
      • Enviromental impacts
        • the built in landscape would be destroyed.
        • fires spread due to gas pipe explosions
          • Fires may damage areas of woodland
        • Sea levels change- some parts of the land sinking below the sea


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