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  • Haiti-Developing World
    • Primary
      • All hospitals in the capital Port-Au-Prince; air sea and land transport facilities and communication systems were damaged or destroyed.
      • Death toll of 316,000
      • Damaged control tower at Toussaint L'Ouverture Airport and the Port au Prince seaport
      • Many government and public buildings damaged or destroyed including the Palace of Justice, the National Assembly, The supreme court and Port-au-Prince Cathedral
    • Secondary
      • Large number of dead bodies meant diseases like cholera became a serious problem
      • Difficult getting aid in the area with issues with airport and poor management of the situation
    • Other Info
      • 12th January 2010
      • 7 on richter scale
      • 316000 died
      • 300,000 injured
      • 1million homeless
      • 250,000 residence buildings damaged
      • 30,000 commercial buildings collapsed


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