haiti earthquakes

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  • Haiti Earthquake
    • Background Information
      • 12th January 2010, 4:53pm
      • 7.0 on the Richter scale
      • Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere
    • Primary Effects
      • 316 000 killed
      • 1 million homeless
      • Airport, port and hospitals closed
      • Difficult to get aid into the country
      • Loss of power and roads blocked
    • Secondary Effects
      • 1.6 million people in refugee camps
      • Water and food shortages
      • Increase in crime, particularly looting
      • Outbreaks of cholera
    • Immediate Responses
      • The USA sent troops to support an aid programme
      • Aid slow to arrive due to the damaged port and airport
    • Long-Term Responses
      • New homes were built to a higher standard
      • Rebuilding of the port
      • Dependence on overseas aid


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