Haiti Earthquake

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  • Haiti Earthquake 2010
    • Causes
      • Haiti lies on the boundary of the Caribbean and North American plates.
      • There was a slippage along the conservative boundary that runs through Haiti.
      • January 12th 2010, a magnitude of 7 earthquake hit Haiti.
    • Impacts/Effect
      • SOCIAL
        • 3 million people effected
        • Over 220,000 deaths
        • 1.3 million homeless.
        • Many hospitals collapsed.
      • ECONOMIC
        • 30,000 commercial building collapsed.
        • Airport and port damaged.
        • Clothing industry was damaged.
    • Responses
      • PRIMARY
        • Dominican Republic provided emergency water and medical supplies.
        • Emergency rescue teams arrived from other countries, e.g Iceland.
        • Temporary hospitals were set up by the red cross.
        • After one year, there were still 1,300 camps.
        • 'Cash For Work' programmes are paying Haitians to clear rubble.
        • Schools are being rebuilt.


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