Haiti Earthquake Mind-Map

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  • Haiti
    • Primary Effects
      • Over 220,000 deaths.
      • 3 Million people  effected
      • 1.3 Million people made homeless.
      • Buildings collapsed immediately
      • Broken Sewer pipes contaminated drinking water causing further outbreaks.
    • Secondary Effects
      • Airport and major transport hubs damaged.
        • Transport & Trading Stopped consequently effecting the economy
          • Economy hits an all time low.
      • Cholera outbreak due to decomposing bodies not being buried.
      • Taxes raised to pay for rebuilding therefore bringing the GDP of the average person down.
    • Primary Responses
      • Neighbouring Dominican Republic provided emergency water and medical supplies as well as heavy machinery to help with search and rescue underneath the rubble, but most people were left to dig through the rubble by hand.
      • Medical teams began treating the injured – temporary field hospitals were set up by organisations like the International Committee of the Red Cross.
      • Many countries and charities pledged to help Haiti rebuild.
    • Secondary Responses
      • Schools slowly being rebuilt
        • Education slowly begins to return to normal
      • More ammounts of aid are being brough to Haiti
      • Many charities across the world begin funding the country to rebuild.
        • Economy slowly begins to return to normal.
      • Buildings being rebuilt


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