Interrelationship Between Organelles

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  • Haemoglobin Production
    • 1. A copy of the haemoglobin is made inthe nucleus by mRNA
      • 2. The mRNA with the copy of the haemglobin leaves the nucleus through nuclear pores
        • 3. The mRNA attaches to the ribosomes
          • 4. The ribosomes read the information from the mRNA in order to assemble amino acids into the protein
            • 5. The haemoglobin molecules are pincedoff of the RER into vesicles
              • 6. The vesicles travel towards the Golgi apparatus
                • 7. The vesicle fuses with the Golgi apparatus
                  • 8. The molecules that have been modified and packed by the GA bud off of the GA in vesicles
                    • 9. The vesicles move towards the cell surface membrane
                      • 10. The vesicle fuses with the cell surface membrane
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                        • 11. The cell surface membrane opens to release the molecules
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                          • Haemoglobin has been made & released from the cell :)


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