Hackman and Oldham Model

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  • Skill Variety
    • A variety of skills needed in a job can motivate.
    • Hackman and  Oldham
      • Task Identity
        • Workers feel involved if there is a clear task. They know what to do from start to finish.
      • Task Significance
        • If workers think that their job is significant they will be motivated to do it well.
      • Autonomy
        • Workers who make their own decisions will feel that their contribution is more valued. They have more responsibility.
      • Feedback
        • Tells the workers how they have performed. Encourages them to do better.
      • Key Points
        • Highlights five aspects of the design of a job that can influence how motivating it is and highlights the impact of job design on individuals on their performance.
    • Lack of variety can demotivate.


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