Health and Social Care Topics

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  • Health and Social Care Topics
    • Life Events
      • Expected
        • Starting and leaving school
        • Puberty and Menopause
        • Getting a job and retiring
        • Leaving home and moving house
        • Getting married and having children
      • 3 types of changes
        • Physical changes
        • Relationship changes
        • Changes in life circumstance
      • Unexpected
        • Accidents and Illnesses
        • Victim of crime and becoming disabled
        • Separation or divorce
        • Made redundant
        • Death of a relative
    • Relationships
      • 4 types of relationships
        • Family relationships
          • Parent and child
          • Siblings (brothers and sisters)
        • Friendships
          • Peers (people who are equal in some way)
        • Intimate, personal and sexual relationships
          • Partners
          • Boyfriends and girlfriends
          • Husband and Wife
        • Working relationships
          • Teacher and Student
          • GP and a patient
          • Employer and employee
    • Sources of Support
      • 3 types of support
        • Partners, family and friends
          • Husband/wife or partner could give medication
          • Neighbour could help with shopping and cooking
          • Friends could visit and take them out and give emotional support
        • Professional carers
          • GP's can diagnose and treat illness
          • Social workers can support families in crisis
          • Physiotherapists can provide exercise
        • Voluntary and faith based
          • CAB can give advice about money and housing
          • Relate can give  relationship advice


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