Henry's early days in power his obstacles and changes.

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  • H7
    • Securing his reign
      • To secure his reign he decided to do his coronation before parliament. This sent a clear message that he would not rely on parliament and a sign of his personal monarchy
        • He also demanded tonnage and poundage due to the crown being poor after the war of the roses. This could also be to combat the nobilitys high wealth
      • He also decided to find a way to end the war of the roses and put down nobility as they had power and better claims to the throne than him
      • Consolidate his power
      • Put the date of his kingship the day before the battle enemies considered traitors
      • Acts of attainder
      • Married Elizabeth of York this ended the war of the roses plus she had a greater claim
      • Birth of Arthur heir to the throne
    • Opposition and rebellions
      • Enemies
        • Margaret of burgundy
        • The De La Poles
        • The Lovells
        • Scotish
        • Nobility
        • The Princes
        • Staffords
      • Lovell 1486
        • Viscount Lovell key supporter of Richard 3rd.
        • Tried to raise the rebellion in Yorkshire
        • Humphrey also tried the same in Yorkshire
        • Lovell escaped but Humphrey was captured and executed
      • Lambert Simnel and Earl of Lincoln
        • Yorkists needed change in tactics decided to make Simnel pose as the Earl of Warwick
          • Earl of Warwick imprisoned by H7 so he decided to exhibit him in London to put them down
            • Got support of Margaret of Burgundy
              • Rebels and H7 army met at Stoke field1487
                • Henry not confident. However Henry won due to the death of the Earl of Lincoln
      • Perkin Warbeck
        • Pretended to be Duke of York and managed support from Foreign leaders.
          • Warbeck landed in England in 1495 but was defeated and fled to Scotland
            • Sir William Stanley potential traitor
              • 1496 Scotish force crossed the border solved by Henry's daughter marrying James. Warbeck defeated and surrendered
                • Earl of Warwick and Warbeck executed when they tried to escape
    • The Monarchy
      • Made more personal due to the distrust of the nobility plus it was harder to influence the king due to the Privy chamber
      • Set up the Council Learned consists of Gentry who were there to help advise him but wouldn't betray because they would lose all power replacements for nobility
      • Parliament hardly used due to this "Personal Monarchy" he made them meet very little in his reign (7 times) and only used them for taxes
        • Parliament could only be called by Henry
      • Finance
        • He used ordinary and extraordinary tax
          • Ordinary was regularly collected such as crown lands and feudal dues
          • Extraordinary was collected on special occasions such as going to war or a Wedding in the family
        • Empson and Dudley
      • Very Bureaucratic


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