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  • H2O
    • charged with Oxygen atom (+)
    • to form strong covalent bonds
      • and two Hydrogen atoms (-)
      • Water molecules attract each other to form Hydrogen bonds (weak)
    • and two Hydrogen atoms (-)
    • Solvent
      • Ionic substances like salts, covalent like sugars and amino acids, dissolve in water (HYDROPHILIC)
        • important transport medium in animals and plants
    • Water has a high heat capacity
    • As water evaporates it extracts heat from around it, cooling the organism e.g. sweating
    • Solid water has greater density than liquid water
    • Water molecules stick together easily (COHESION)
    • Polar (imbalance of charge)
    • 80% of mass of living organisms
    • Non polar molecules like lipids are HYDROPHOBIC
  • Ionisation is when salts dissolve in water then ionise into + and - ions.
    • Water contains both acidic and alkaline ions so remains neutral pH
      • pH 1 Battery acid - pH 14 Sodium Hydroxide (Alkaline)


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