H VII and Government administration

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  • Henry VII and Government administration (councils)
    • Central government
      • Strengths
        • H kept advisors for a long time-stability
        • Relied on core group of councillors who met K regularly- Lord Chancellor (John Morton), Lord Privy Seal (Richard Fox), Lord Treasurer (Lord Dynham)- stability
        • Gave ppl positions bc of ability not status (inclusion of gentry, improved efficiency)
        • Improved efficiency- smaller committees in council
          • Richard III's - Court of Request, Court of General Surveyors and Council Learned= sub committes
      • Weakness
        • Council Learned resented, hated by everyone (esp nobility)
    • Regional government
      • Stregnths
        • Gives all positions to his supporters (e.g Jasper Tudor, Duke of Bedford- who both were loyal at Bos)
        • Stopped individuals gaining too much power- ensured positions were those who were loyal
        • Supporters of Richard impossible to retain their titles (exp. Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland got to retain his title until death)
          • Percy his son (minor) inherited this title- was made Earl of Surrey- neither had land or influence in north- was loyal as he wanted to win lost land and dad's title
        • Prevented growth of magnate power+powerful subjects in provinces- stronger links between central and regional government
      • The Council of the North
        • Strengths
          • K appoints everyone himself- close watch on North
      • Council of Ireland
        • Weaknesses
          • Attempt for H to bring Ireland under his control through Edward Poynings (English- trusted advisor)
          • Too pricy-abandoned
        • Strengths
          • Established a parliament
      • Welsh Council (and Marches)
        • Strengths
          • H had Welsh connections through his family- supported
          • Got more power and control over Wales than any King prev.
          • Appointed Jasper Tudor to govern
          • Appointed Welshmen key positions in Wales e.g Sir Rhys ap Thomas- govern south-west Wales
    • Local government
      • Strengths
        • Ensured H's commands- exploitation of Crown lands, encouraging frequent use of royal council for settlement of local issues and increasing the powers of the JPs
        • H appoints all JPs- responsible to him not local lord
          • All judges in court appointed by H- enforces H's presence
            • 3 different law courts to enforce law+order
        • Sheriffs: Crown representatives in every county in England (eyes+ears of H)- they also took greater responsibility for conduct and management of parliamentary elections
        • H appointed Sheriffs
      • Weaknesses
        • Sheriffs may given false info or bribes
        • K dependent on those chosen's goodwill. The only threat he had was to take their job off them
          • Paid servants would have been better- but K didn't want to spend money- meaning it was optional and volontary
    • Parliament
      • Weaknesses
        • Only met 7 times
          • didn't want to strain his loyalty by asking for too much money- had to find other ways to fill his treasury
      • Strengths
        • Continued its traditional role as constitution- most important business was discussed
        • H's rare use of Par. emphasised all power came from the Crown
        • Used to ratify his throne (1486)
        • Passed acts of discipline e.g 1495- rules of wages and working hours
        • Used it to carry out policies against riots and retaining
          • and 10% of all statutes dealt with responsibility of JPs and province control


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