Gujarat Earthquake, India

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  • Gujarat Earthquake, India
    • Facts
      • 26th January 2001
      • 8:46am
      • Lasted for 2 mminutes
      • Aftershocks followed for more than a month
      • Located in India, Gujarat
      • 7.9 Richter Scale
      • Himalayan and Eurasian plates collided
    • Human Effects
      • 600,000 people left homeless
      • 3000 people died in City Bhuj
      • 167,000 people injured
      • Shopkeepsers were left to defend business' due to destruction of transport so polic couldnt help
      • 20,000 deaths
    • Physical Effects
      • Houses destroyed
      • Schools and water systems destroyed
      • Multi-storage buildings collapsed
      • 90% of buildings destroyed
      • Main hospital crushed
        • Many medically skilled people died
      • 4km of roads destroyed
      • Many skilled workers killed so infrastructure could not be mended
    • Short-Term Effects
      • Educate how to prepare for after shocks
      • Emergency accomodation was provided - tents
      • Waste disposal units provided
      • Immediate food, shelter and medical supplies and clean water was provided
    • Long-Term Effects
      • Re-building infrastructure
      • International aid sent from Switzerland and UK
      • Relief teams and supplies were sent from charities, e.g. Redcross


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