GSCE Politics British values and identities

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  • GSCE Politics
    • Principles and values in British Society identity
      • The British Values
        • Democracy
          • everyone has a say in the country
        • Tolerance
          • we respect others and accept who they are
        • Rule of Law
          • no one is above the law
        • Individual Liberty
          • individuals are free to do and act as they please
        • Mutual Respect
      • Identities
        • multiple identity
          • when you have multiple identities from heritage
            • an example is, my dad is Indian and my mum is English am I English or Indian?
        • Group Identity
          • a group identity is where you belong to a certain group
            • an example is someone supporting a football club
        • National Identity
          • a national identity is what identity you have in your country
            • for example, I'm British and i have a British Identity


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